Kayla Harrison | The MMA WARdrobe

Kayla Harrison is the hottest free agent in all of mixed martial arts. Her power, skill, and killer instinct make her a problem for anyone in the world competing in the featherweight division. But Kayla isn’t just killing it in the world of mixed martial arts; she’s quietly becoming one of the best-kept secrets in […]

Aldo x Beatles x Thread Head Illustrations

Jose Aldo, The Beatles of MMA: Indisputable Greatness vs Loud Casual Consumption

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. However, periodically an undeniable phenomenon can still be perceived as “less than” as time advances. All-time transcendence is challenging to doubt while developing in real-time. Thus, forcing legendary musicians and athletes to fall into a snare between periods, diminishing their massive successes. However, observers cannot deny their accomplishments […]

Move the Sticks image x Thread Head Illustrations

“Move the Sticks” Highlights the Bright Future of Alternate Sports Broadcasts, Featuring Joy Taylor

Daniel Jeremiah, “Bucky” Brooks, and Joy Taylor have unlocked the future of viewing a sports broadcast. Their “Move the Sticks” Twitch presentation of Thursday Night Football is a glimpse into the future of sports via alternative broadcasts, away from linear television’s traditional model. Move The Sticks on Amazon Prime and Twitch “Move the Sticks” started […]

alfredo di stefano x Thread Head Illustrations

Alfredo Di Stefano: Football’s First World Class Player

When the conversation about who is the GOAT of football, Maradona, Pele, CR7, and Messi come to mind in the debate; however, one name is sometimes excluded from this debate; Alfredo Di Stefano. Alfredo Di Stefano was born on 1926 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Di Stefano’s football career started just like his father on River […]

Marijuana plant x Thread Head Illustrations

Marijuana & Sports: Dispelling Myths & Current Rule Changes

The sports world has slowly changed its perception of the use of marijuana, also known as cannabis but better known as “weed.”  Professional sports leagues have recently changed gears, and we (society) have witnessed a shift toward easing restrictions and penalties on cannabis consumption for professional athletes. Weed in the 1970s A quick history lesson, […]

Spider-Man 3 x Thread Head Illustrations

Spider-Man 3 Is Actually Good | Film Review

Spider-Man 3 had an uphill battle since day one. Following up on two of the best Superhero movies was not easy. Considering Sony’s constant interference with the movie, it’s surprising the film was not a disaster like Amazing Spider-Man 2. But what if I told you Spider-Man 3 was a good movie. Spider-Man 3 has […]

El Clasico image x Thread Head Illustrations

Has El Clasico Lost its Luster as the Premier Rivalry in all of Sports?

There has been no more meaningful rivalry throughout the beautiful game’s history than Barcelona versus Real Madrid. El Clasico has always been the gold standard for rivalries in world football. However, with the absence of substantial stars in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the game still has an impact, but not as much. History of […]

Russell Westbrook x Thread Head Illustrations

Are Early Struggles of Russell Westbrook a Concern for Lakers Fans?

Russell Westbrook hasn’t performed to the gold standard of Laker’s distinction so far in a very early NBA season. The team’s 0-2 start is cause for fans of the franchise to be concerned for the span of the season. Nevertheless, while some enthusiasts assume that Westbrook will gradually find his role within the team, a […]

New Japan Pro Wrestling image x Thread Head Illustration Team

Young Lions: A Beginners Guide for New Japan Pro Wrestling Newcomers

New Japan Pro Wrestling is one of the biggest promotions in the world and the biggest in Japan. Some fans are afraid to check NJPW due to being from another part of the world and how different it is from promotions based in the US. In this guide, we’ll help all newcomer fans understand the […]

Mo Salah image x Thread Head Illustration Team

Mohamed Salah is in the Best Form of his Career

Mohamed Salah is in the best form of his life, which is saying a lot. Liverpool is currently one point behind Chelsea for first place honors in the Premier League, primarily because of the magic on display from the Egyptian Sensation. In eight Premier League matches this season, Salah has already racked up seven goals […]


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